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Service, It's All About You!

18/06/2011 19:44
Mr Marsh is a natural speaker with loads of contagious enthusiasm. His valuable experience and visions are an asset to all his participants and I was one of the lucky one to attend. I really enjoyed the workshop. His seminar was full of laughter and he knows what he is doing. He is a true...

Service, It's All About You!

18/06/2011 19:39
One of the great feature about this course was that we never had to refer to the materials once. Mr Marsh spoke from his extensive experience and he has us glued to his every word. He was so engaging, humourous and fun to be with. His views on customer service and people skills are just...

Service, It's all about YOU!

18/06/2011 19:33
Excellent Speaker!! I thouroughly enjoyed this course. Mr. Marsh was so engaging with his view and thoughts. He explained everything so well and he definitely inspired me to give my best. I look forward to returning to work and implementing the new ideas that I got while listening to...

Service, It's all about YOU!

18/06/2011 19:23
A phenomenal and passionate trainer, Mr Marsh has a way of bringing his points across to his participants. This was one of the best, if not THE BEST seminar I have attended. The knowledge I gained from this has changed my mindset in dealing with my customers.   Excellent Training, Enjoyable...


13/06/2011 00:42
Studies show that women who wear makeup earn 20% more than women who don’t. They climb up the corporate ladder quicker and get higher paid jobs. A study by economists Daniel Hamermesh and Jeff Biddle uses survey data to examine the impact that appearance has on a person’s earnings. A...


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08/08/2010 15:19

Make Up Grooming & Workshop

07/08/2010 21:35
Hey Reena, I really enjoyed your workshop, it was packed with fun and lots of infomation. I really appreciated your honest opinions and your professionalism was just so regal like you. Good Luck with your future endeavours and yes it is a definitely a recommended workshop to all those working...

Make Up & Grooming Workshop

07/08/2010 19:43
Reena was amazing! Her professional and friendly nature kept us at ease and we were so impressed with her expertise and knowledge. She went through great lengths to explain to us the importance of the skincare regime. I was never a believer in moisturisers but at her encouragement, I developed my...
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