05/08/2010 20:20
Cracked, dry and flaking lips can be unsightly and is seriously a FASHION DON'T. It also can present an impression that you are not concerned about your overall image. Though water does do the trick of keeping the lips moist, but some lipstick does contain alcohol, menthol or camphor and eventually it dries up your lips. Even medicated lip balms or glosses does contain them. So steer away from lipsticks containing such ingredients. Weather too can get in the way of achieving such lips. And once your lips starts to flake, crack and becomes chapped, no amount of balm can correct this problem as you are applying it over dead skin.

One solution to counter this problem is by exfoliating your lips. Exfoliated lips are less prone to chapping and you'll realise that even your lipstick stays on better. You can make your own exfoliating scrub from the comfort of your home using natual ingredients. I am going to share with you a great exfoliating and simple recipe for your lips using natural ingredients which is super simple and does not dry out your skin like salt does. Introduce this into your skincare routine and watch out for that amazing results.

You'll need:-

  • 01 tablespoon of honey (Honey contains mild alpha hydroxy acids- great for exfoliating, as well as amino acids- great for moisturizing)
  • 02 tablespoon of sugar (the granules are great for exfoliation)

** Remember to remove all traces of lipstick, gloss or lip makeup before exfoliating.


Mix both of them well and apply evenly all over your lips. Gently massage them in a circular motion and rinse off with warm water.

Apply a coat of lip balm i.e petroleum jelly works well.

Alternatively you can also use a towel or wash cloth with soft fibers, wet it slightly and exfoliate.

(Note: Do not rip or peel the skin off as it will cause soreness and possible bleeding)


However if time is an issue and you can't make your own scrub, try Satin Lips® Set (Mask & Balm) by Mary Kay OR or Pro Smooth FX Lip Scrub and Balm by Victoria Secrets. It works wonderfully well as the sugar-honey scrub and the balm is pretty long lasting keeping by lips soft all day. This is a very ideal set for me especially when I am travelling and I can't do my own scrub.

Satin Lips® Set (Mask & Balm) costs SGD $44.00