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When it comes to finest grooming and style, the importance of knowing which colours are most flattering to your skin, hair and eyes cannot be undestimated. Not many women are aware of the importance of colour analysis.Colour is the first things that is noticed about a person and the impact it creates is immediate and lasting.

Understanding a few characteristics of colour will help you comprehend your own coloring and help you make more informed colour choices when you shop.


With the correct colours (in cosmetics and clothing):

  • Your skin tone will appear radiant and glowing
  • Your eyes and face will appear brighter and clearer
  • Your hair will reflect highlights
  • Diminish undereye circles and discolouration
  • You will hear compliments - such as "You look great"!

 With the wrong colours (in cosmetics and clothing) :

  • Your skin tone will appear tired and drained
  • Your eyes may appear shadowed, dark circles
  • Your face will look blotchy
  • Even your teeth can appear with a slight yellow hue
  • You will hear comments - such as "You look tired” "Do you feel OK?"

 Everyone looks good in their own color base.




  • Pink & Blue Undertones
  • Likely to burn in the sun
  • The veins are more blue than green
  • Looks best with silver, white gold or platinum jewelry
  • White is more flaterring on you than cream

  • Yellow based undertone
  • More likely to tan in the sun
  • The veins on your inner wrist are more green than blue. 
  • Looks best with gold jewelry.
  • Cream is more flattering than white.



** This is a rough guideline to assess yourself ( get your girlfriend to assist you)

Things you require for the swatch test for below (1):

  • Swatch of gold lame fabric
  • Swatch of silver lame fabric
  • Mirror
  • Good & natural lighting



1. Remove all jewelleries from your hands.

2. Place one hand on the gold swatch and the other on the silver swatch.

3. One hand will look dull and washed out and the other may look bright and healthy.

4. If the hand on the silver looks good, then you are 'cool' toned. If the hand on golden looks good, then you are 'warm' toned.


(2)Also another way would be by looking closely at the inside of your forearems . Cool skintone will have blue undertones (veins) whereas the warm skintone would see yellow-orange or green undertones (veins).

Blue veins = Cool             Green Veins = Warm


(3)If you still have not figured out which works for you, try using the following colour comparison chart where you may look best in colours from either category:


Of course this is further classified into colour seasons .The most well known is Seasonal Colour Analysis which will place your colours into the four categories:

  • Winter or Summer are considered cool categories
  • Spring or Autumn are considered warm.

The season is based on the depth of your colouring.It's fine to choose your favourite colour. The catch is to get the right shade. If your favourite colour is blue, there are countless shades of blues from warm to cool tones to choose from to get your best look.



A colour consultation allows you to wear a larger range of colours – confidently! It will encourage you to wear colours you’ve never tried wearing before, and almost immediately you’ll be glowing in these new choices!

The easiest and most accurate way to find out is to have your colours assessed by an experienced Image Consultant.

Contact us to find out more about our colour analysis service - Aura of Colours.