13/06/2011 00:42

Studies show that women who wear makeup earn 20% more than women who don’t. They climb up the corporate ladder quicker and get higher paid jobs. A study by economists Daniel Hamermesh and Jeff Biddle uses survey data to examine the impact that appearance has on a person’s earnings.

A common complain that I have from my female clients are that time is an issue for them in the morning to get ready. Make up is critical for women to look professional and looking the part is important in the workplace especially when you have few seconds to make an impression.


(1) FACE

  • Apply the moisturiser on your face and wait for a couple of mins, allowing your skin to absorb the moisturiser.
  • Proceed to apply your preferred foundation i.e. tinted moisturiser / foundation / two way cake.
  • Use a good brush i.e foundation brush or a wedge Apply your concealer to hide your dark circles.

TIP! Give a couple of mins in between each application i.e moisturiser, foundation and concealer. If your face is damp, you may get a streaky application.


  • A nude, peach, or pink blush that matches your skin tone
  • Locate the apple of your cheeks by smiling slightly and apply your blush using a blush brus.


(3) EYES

  • Apply a primer.

The first step to a good eye makeup is the right base. If you have greasy lids and you notice your eyeshadow creasing and fading off, try using an eye primer first. An eye primer creates a base and helps your eyeshadow to last throughout the day.

  • Sweep a warm neutral colour (dark brown, taupe, grey) across your eyelids
  • Apply brown or black mascara

TIP! Use a highlighting shadow on your brow bone and at the tear ducts, this will help to open and brighten up your eyes.

OPTIONAL: You may use a soft eyeliner and line your eyes for a subtle classic look.

(4) LIPS

  • Use a sheer color on your lips that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color.

NOTE: Leave all the shimmer and sparkle at home. They are ideal for an evening or party wear but not appropriate for office look.