CORPORATE COUTURE® - Business Etiquette for Ladies

CORPORATE COUTURE® - Business Etiquette for Ladies

Course Overview

In today’s fast paced and global business arena, it requires that women possess polished flexibility and professionalism. Many women are finding it hard, to have the time to look their best, but they must still look professional and image does make a big difference. Business etiquette is based on good manners and common sense and plays a paramount role in day to day business encounters. It is critical for women to look professional and looking the part is important in the workplace especially when you only have 10 seconds to make an impression!

A first impression takes around 35 - 40 seconds to form, and 93% of this is based on totally non-verbal signals:

  • 55% is how you look, based on your appearance and how you are dressed
  • 38% is your body language and your posture
  • Only 7% is based on what you actually say!

A 10-second look is all it takes for potential clients to size-up your corporation’s sense of taste, culture and class. You are constantly evaluated from the way you dress and present yourself and that could either be an asset or hindrance to your success.

This workshop endeavours to provide you with the significant edge in looking stunning without compromising on your commitments. Empower yourself with the knowledge you gain from this workshop that will aid you in getting yourself ready and still be able to handle whatever is on your plate for the day.

Set yourself apart and boost your success by enhancing your business and social skills to project a poised, polished, and professional image.
Being able to present yourself with confidence in business and socials situations is a necessary and valuable skill.


Course Highlights

"An ounce of image is worth a ton of performance!"

This seminar is designed to ensure that all participants receive a good understanding of business etiquette and social manners when interacting with superiors, colleagues, customers and business associates.

During this highly interactive, entertaining seminar, the efficient approach encompasses the fully customized, objective driven combination of the following topics

  • First impressions – The Crucial First 30 secs
  • Importance of Image Management – why is our personal image so important?
  • Greetings and Business Introductions
  • The Art of Communication - face-to-face, via telephone and via email
  • Displaying good deportment, posture, poise and body language
  • Psychology of Colour Analysis – communicating with colours
  • Business Attire - understanding your own clothing personality
  • Use of Accessories Appropriately
  • Make Up Essentials