Open doors of opportunities to your personal and profesional life by using practical English everyday.

Conversational English is the key to real language learning and building your confidence and fluency naturally. In this course, we emphasize on refining your basic speaking skills, reviewing areas of weakness and learners will be involved in interactive discussions.

The Learning Process:

Conversational English is divided into 2 stages: Elementary and Intermediate.

Each lesson is designed with a specific theme of interest and they are prepared in advance with a lesson plan by our English teachers. Before the start of each lesson, your English teacher would review and revise the related vocabulary and grammar content.


Elementary Intermediate
  • Pronunciation / Phonetics
  • Start 'small talk' with confidence
  • Understand how grammar is used when speaking
  • Basic Idioms
  • A wide range of topics, which stimulates the active sharing of ideas and interests.
  • Phonetics
  • Telephone Talk
  • More of Idioms & Slangs
  • Expressing Opinions
  • Debate                        
  • Role Plays - Interview  

Materials & Resources

  • Course Materials
  • Additional handouts and articles
  • A free diagnostic test will be offered to all applicants to assess individual's level of proficiency and to ensure the course is tailored specially to the needs of each learner.
  • A mid term and end of term evaluation will be conducted so as to assess individual's development. Students will then be provided with a detailed report comprising of constructive feedback and personal recommendations, from their teachers, to allow students to continually develop their proficiency in the English language outside the classroom.


Your Benefits as A Leaner:


Who should take this course?

  • Non-English Speakers
  • Students from non-english speaking countries
  • Working Professionals from non-english speaking countries
  • Immigrants


Course Start of Class Duration Days Time Course Fee Application Fee Entry Requirements

Conversational English


19/07/2011 8 Weeks/
16 Lessons
Tuesdays Thursday 1030am-12pm S$400 S$50 Placement Test (Speaking)